Purchase Our Customizable, Attorney-Drafted Horse Boarding Contracts


Comprehensive Horse Boarding Contract Package at Your Fingertips:

  • Robust, attorney-drafted Horse Boarding Agreement which can be easily and quickly reviewed by your local attorney to ensure compliance with your state’s laws. 
  • We've thought of everything: the forms are simple to use and adapt.
  • No more paperwork in the barn! Your boarders will be able to sign the form electronically and send it back to you. You can then store all your contracts virtually for safekeeping and convenient access. 
Horse Boarding Contract

We've Done the Work for You:

  • Save time and cost creating a customized Horse Boarding Agreement from scratch. 
  • Eliminate collecting hard-copy signatures and storing and tracking boarder documentation. Customize the documents quickly to perfectly suit your individual boarding situation, whether you're a commercial training facility or a back-yard barn.


Horse Boarding Agreement

Package Includes Attorney-reviewed Horse Boarding Agreement plus:

  • Extensive Stable Services Addendum which allows you to easily select the services that you will provide, and any additional costs you will charge for them.
  • Stable Rules Addendum which enables you to clearly state your farm's rules.
  • Boarder Information which allows you to quickly collect all necessary information on the horse's history, contact information for the care team, and special requirements.
  • To complete the package, you should also obtain a Release of Liability from your local attorney in compliance with your state’s laws. 

Horse Boarding Agreement


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