Episode #4 - Horse Breeding

 The Barn Yarn Podcast



the-barn-yarn-episode-4-babymaking What are common breeding practices for different breeds of horses? 

the-barn-yarn-episode-4-babymaking What is an embryo transfer (ET) and what is an intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)? 

the-barn-yarn-episode-4-babymaking How does an embryo transfer work, and in what cases would it be used?

the-barn-yarn-episode-4-babymaking What's up with cloning in horses?

the-barn-yarn-episode-4-babymaking How might you go about selecting a stud for your mare?

the-barn-yarn-episode-4-babymaking How are ultrasounds administered for pregnancy checks? 

the-barn-yarn-episode-4-babymaking How do feed and nutrition requirements change when a mare is pregnant?

the-barn-yarn-episode-4-babymaking Can a mare be ridden while pregnant?

the-barn-yarn-episode-4-babymaking What are some of the downsides of breeding practices that involve embryo transfers to a recipient mare, and what are some solutions to address these concerns? 


All these questions – and more – will be answered in this episode of The Barn Yarn, with guest Dr. Erin Trawick-Smith. And be prepared to laugh while learning along the way!