Episode #2: Gastric Ulcers

The Barn Yarn Podcast



barn-yarn-ulcers What have we learned recently about gastric ulcers within the realm of horse health care?

barn-yarn-ulcers What is the difference between squamous and glandular ulcers in horses?

barn-yarn-ulcers What is the best way to diagnose a horse with gastric ulcers?

barn-yarn-ulcers Are certain behavior traits attributable to ulcers?

barn-yarn-ulcers When a horse is not found to have ulcers, what are the other possible culprits?

barn-yarn-ulcers What is the treatment program for ulcers, and does treatment differ whether the horse has squamous versus glandular ulcers?

barn-yarn-ulcers Are there other horse management practices that can help mitigate the occurrence of ulcers?  

barn-yarn-ulcers Do supplements work to treat ulcers?

barn-yarn-ulcers After a horse has been properly treated for ulcers, how can you prevent them from coming back?

barn-yarn-ulcers Do anti-inflammatories such as Bute contribute to gastric ulcers? 

All these questions – and more – will be answered in this episode of The Barn Yarn, with guest Dr. Erin Trawick-Smith. And be prepared to laugh while learning along the way!