author/source: Aubrey Moore

Five Reasons You Need Stable Select In Your Life


by Aubrey Moore

In this day and age of technology, up-to-the minute communication, and the whole of the Internet a mere phone tap away, it has become more obvious by the minute that the equestrian world is seriously lacking in a lot of ways. For too long, we’ve been required to find trainers, instructors, and boarders by Craigslist or word of mouth, showing up to lessons and barns hoping that what we see is at least somewhat what was advertised. And don’t even get me started on the mess that comes with boarding contracts, monthly boarding fees, and lesson payments; the horse world surely must be one of the few remaining trades that relies on the use of an actual checkbook. Let’s face it, folks. We are behind the times and seriously lagging behind other industries in a myriad of ways.

Until now.

Meet Stable Select, the new website that promises to revolutionize the horse industry. With the ability to streamline even the most basic of transactions for the horse professional and horse amateur alike, Stable Select stands to do what so many companies have tried before: Finally drag the equestrian community into the 21st century.

Want to learn a little more? Here’s five reasons you need Stable Select in your life, right now.

To Find Your Perfect Match

If you’re looking for the perfect farm, trainer, boarder, companion horse, or even retirement home for your horse, look no further than Stable Select’s easy and effective search tool. Their search engine provides you with a variety of options to help you find the best barn or professional for you and for your horse. If your one requirement is sheer proximity, you can easily search by location. But if you’re the more discerning type, you can use the advanced search features, which allow you to select from an incredibly wide variety of choices.

For example, if you’re searching for a boarding barn, you can select such criteria as whether the riding ring has an indoor or outdoor ring (and whether you want jumps up all the time, some of the time or none of the time), whether the property has on-site supervision, what type of trainer is available, and even lets you search for barns that are oriented towards adults. With a few clicks of a mouse, you can choose all the elements that make up your perfect barn situation. And as anyone who has tried to google boarding barns knows, that feature in itself is worth a king’s ransom.

To Protect Yourself

Horses are a dangerous business, and unfortunately, it’s a necessity for business owners and customers alike to protect themselves. Stable Select’s member services make the legal parts of running your business a breeze; not only can you access attorney-reviewed contracts, you can allow leasers, students and boarders to e-sign releases, lesson contracts, or boarding agreements. These documents are maintained online, meaning you’ll never again have to dig through a dusty file cabinet for an old boarding agreement or run to a copier when you’ve run out of releases.

To Eliminate the Guesswork

Finding a new trainer, boarding barn, boarder, companion horse or student is hard. First, you’ve got to do the work to find one, then there’s the initial meeting where you’re forced to  decide in only a few minutes’ time whether this is someone you trust with your money, your horse, or your life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the people you might do business with came with a rating?

Good news, now they do. With Stable Select’s rating system, not only can you leave feedback for your trainer, farm, boarder or student, but you can see what others have to say as well. No more wondering about the quality of the service, or whether a student will be un-coachable and constantly late to lessons. Horse professionals and amateurs both will be able to sort through potential contacts to find the diamond in the rough, all at the touch of a button.

To Communicate Effectively

Communication is key, as they say. This is especially true in the fast-paced world of horses, where efficient, timely communication can make all the difference. Through Stable Select, students, boarders, farms and trainers can all communicate seamlessly using a dedicated messaging system. All correspondence is saved within the Stable Select message inbox, making it quick and easy to retrieve and track correspondence that’s found all in one place.

To Stay on Top of Horseshow Schedules

Stable Select users receive an added benefit of their membership:  A centralized horseshow calendar is displayed on each member’s homepage, showcasing show and clinic events across a variety of disciplines in their region. Gone are the days of searching separate farm websites or regional association calendars for events; Stable Select will save both the amateur and professional rider valuable time and energy planning their show season by allowing them to easily find local horse shows in the disciplines they’re interested in.

To Save Time and Money

So what is the single best reason you need Stable Select? Simple. To save yourself time and money, two invaluable resources you can never have enough of in the equestrian business. Stable Select offers the flexibility of access through a desktop or laptop computer, or on the go with a mobile-optimized smartphone version. Stable Select promises to deliver an unparalleled experience that cannot be replicated through internet searches, forums, or even through word of mouth.

And better yet, more features are being added to Stable Select all the time, like the ability to autopay board and lessons via credit card. No more waiting for board checks to roll in the first few days of the month, or taking the risk of a bad check bouncing and stopping you from paying your other important bills.

So become a member today, and help push the horse world into the 21st century and beyond. Not only will you be taking an important step to support yourself or your business, but you’ll also be contributing to the horse world at large; 15% of Stable Select’s profits are donated to horse rescues. And what better way to support the equestrian community, than by supporting the equines themselves.

About Aubrey Moore:

Over the years, Aubrey has dabbled in a variety of equestrian activities such as eventing, dressage, Pony Club, and one epic safari ride across Africa. When she isn’t busy freelance writing for such publications as Horse Network, she can be found at home with her pony Khali and pony-sized cat, Frankie.